808 Vgo2 Batteries

Vgo2 kits have now been discontinued and new users should consider a 510 kit as this is now the standard connector for the industry. We will continue to provide Vgo2 batteries for as long as we can (with discounted prices available on some lines), but items will no longer be re-stocked once depleted. If you need advice on a new setup, please contact customer service and we can provide a discount for one of the newer style kits.

They vary in length and can be very compact (48mm long) or get to a pocket busting length of 96mm. The larger the battery the greater its capacity (mAh), meaning it will last longer between charges. An average vaper will use the equivalent of around 800mAh in a day (so 2 x 400mAh batteries or 1x 900mAh).

Vgo2 batteries are suitable for use with our range of Vgo2 compatible tanks, including our Crystal, Nova and Vox models, as well as our entire range of prefilled and blank cartomizers.

Vgo2 batteries are not compatible with any JAC 510 products, including tanks or chargers.

For product support: Vgo2 and Ego batteries help section.

If you require further assistance, please contact our customer service team.

2 Product(s)

2 Product(s)