Prefilled Carts

These cartomisers are prefilled with e-liquid making them ready to use straight from the packet. Although prefilled, you can also refill them approximately ten times with any e-liquid flavour of your choosing. Few prefilled cartomisers on the market provide this flexibility, making our prefilled Cartomisers the best choice for many vapers.

Our cartomisers are built to resemble the filter component of a tobacco cigarette. They are screwed into the battery to create the completed e-cigarette.

Although also compatible with our Vgo2 range of 808 batteries, these cartomisers work best with our V3i range of batteries and are recommended for those vapers looking for a more compact, realistic looking e-cigarette.

For product support, see our Prefilled Cartomisers help section.

Note: These cartomisers utilise a KR-808 connection, making them incompatible with our JAC 510 (510 connection) range. Prefilled carts contain e-liquid. *E-liquid is not suitable if breast feeding or pregnant *Our e-liquid may contain traces of nuts *Our e-liquid does not contain any animal based ingredients.