Blank Cartomisers

Blank cartomisers allow you to tailor your vaping experience, we offer a larger range of high quality cartomisers for use with the e-liquid flavours you love most.

When purchasing our blank cartomisers it's important to remember that, unlike our pre-filled cartomisers, these do not come filled with e-liquid. You will need to purchase and fill your blank cartomisers with e-liquid in order to use these cartomisers.

Our low resistance carts are based on the same design, but feature a lower resistance coil. Low resistance coils generate more heat, a greater volume of vapour and more throat hit. They do, however, draw more power and can affect the flavour of the e-liquid.

Cartomisers resemble the filter on a tobacco cigarette and are screwed on to the battery to form the assembled e-cigarette.

Most of our cartomisers are designed for use with the V3i range of batteries. And we also stock a larger Megacart cartomiser which is suitable for our cigar sized Vgo2 range of batteries.

For product support see our Blank Cartomisers help section.

Note: These cartomisers utilise a KR-808 connection, making them incompatible with our JAC 510 (510 connection) range.

4 Product(s)

4 Product(s)