Beginners Box Mod starter kit
Black version with a tank fitted
The digital display
SERIES-B Tilt with S-22 Tank
The box from the side without a t ank
Long view of the black version
View of the box mod with fitted tank
The battery for this device
The stainless steel version

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Box Mod Starter Kit

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  • Description

    Until 11.59pm on the 16th you can get an extra £10 off when you buy a Box Mod Starter Kit. Discount applied at checkout.

    Voted best box mod by Gizmodo UK

    For new vapers wishing to jump in with access to some advanced features, or existing users seeking an upgrade over their existing kit, the SERIES-B Tilt is for you. The kit includes the device itself and an S-22 tank, with options to add on the required IMR battery and your choice of e-liquid to give you everything you need to get started.

    If you'd prefer more options, check out our range of fully customisable SERIES-B starter kits.

    The SERIES-B Tilt is a premium, compact 50W box mod. This kit is designed for mouth to lung users and is supplied with a matching black 22mm S-22 tank. Mouth to lung allows for resistance in the drag which is closer to the feeling of smoking

    The SERIES-B requires an 18650 flat-top battery, which can be added to the kit using the drop-down menus below.

    Features of the SERIES-B Tilt:

    • New: 50 watts
    • Unique design
    • Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage modes
    • Spring-loaded positive connector
    • Quick-release magnetic battery cover
    • USB on-board charging and pass-through (battery rated for 20A continuous amperage or above required)
    • Sub-ohm compatible (>0.2ohm)
    • Advanced safety features
    • New: Double undercoating for a more durable rubber finish
    • New: Increased max. wattage of 50W
    • New: Improved responsiveness, with more rapid firing time
    • New: Settings memory - your device now remembers user settings while the battery is removed
    • New: Minimal branding for an all black, sleeker look
    • New: Various minor design adjustments for increased usability

    This is the most compact, regulated box mod device on the market to use removable 18650 batteries. The magnetic battery compartment door allows easy access to the battery itself. Should the battery be inserted upside down, the SERIES-B features reverse circuit protection to prevent damage (also short circuit protection, overcharge protection, top and bottom battery ventilation, and many more safety features).

    The SERIES-B Tilt supports on-board charging, but external chargers are also available should you wish to use these instead.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £49.99

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Customer Reviews for the Box Mod Starter Kit

  • this works - by stevo, 11 January 2017
    i got this to stop me smoking once and for all - had really good reviews online on review sites. they werent wrong. ive tried other ecigs before from the market and from vype. this smashes them out the park. seriously. havent wanted a fag since i started. its really powerful and gives me the hit i need. am using real tobacco eliuid which im finding a bit harsh on my thraot so have just ordered a fruity bundle, cant wait to try them out.
  • New Vaper: Loving The Series B - by Brian, 13 November 2016
    The Series B is a winner. Came to it 6 weeks ago having been a cigar/pipe merchant for many years and I have to say it has not only matched but exceeded my expectations. Initially I used the E for 2 weeks to try out the 'vaping' thing. It did the business well enough but with my smoking history and after a little more research I went to the B for a little more power and versatility. I also find that although it has 50W capability I am remarkably satisfied at 12W. My previous smoking exploits are now history. I also find the high capacity battery lasts at least a full day although I carry another as back up.

    I fully agree with the good stuff expressed about the 'B' by other reviewers.

    Compliments to JAC as well for their fantastic assistance, advice and customer service which is exemplary.
  • Best I've had - by Michael, 11 November 2016
    Having had a few others, some good, some bad I opted for one last go at vaping and plumped for the series-B. A fortnight or so in, it's been great. Had a few problems with leakage, but Jac Vapour were great at helping out. Leaving it on it's side is a big no if you don't want to be swallowing juice. Still get some problems, but that seems to be a general Coffee e-liquid issue. Overall, it's great, recommended!
  • Still the best - by Pete Hamilton, 11 November 2016
    Just got my hands on the 50 version. It was bought to replace my original 40 that is now around 1 year old, I have passed this to my son, who still uses it daily. I don't treat mods very well, so the device has taken a fair battering but it still performs perfectly. The 50 is pretty much more of the same, the branding is very minimal, in fact there is pretty much none, which gives a more quality look I think. The biggest plus for me is I don't have to reset now when I pull the battery. I use a toptank at 30watts so can't really say the extra 10 watts adds anything, but I guess it's nice to have. The build quality is of the same high standard, you can't really appreciate this from the pictures, but if you buy one, you'll see exactly what I mean, as soon as you pic this thing up it's in a different league, no rattles and a completely solid reassuring weight. A year on I can still say I'd buy another tomorrow if I lost it. Full marks again from me.
  • Good - by caroline, 11 November 2016
    Just bought this about a week ago and I find it great. No leaking and a very good Vape. Battery is lasting all day and I charge it at night for the morning very impressed so far.
  • Winner - by Daniel, 11 November 2016
    Very sturdy and robust piece of kit.
    I came from a series e to this and the performance is far better. I love the weight and balance of the series b and the build quality is great as you would expect from a JAC product. I haven't had any problems with leakage or gurgling but I always strip down and clean the device between fills.
    The only negatives are that I keep losing the rubber tips as the Vapour gets in between the rubber and the tip allowing the rubber to slip off (it may be because I use vg). And it could use a pull tab in the battery compartment as it is hard to remove the battery.
    Other than that, it's a pleasure to use!......................JAC Vapour Ltd: I don't know if you use this or not, but to pull the battery, hold the device with the battery cover off, then place your thumb at the top of the battery, just resting on the edge of the case and battery, with your knuckle on the other side of the battery, then just roll your thumb along the top of the battery and the battery will roll out the device.
  • One of the best in current market ... - by Kumar, 11 November 2016
    One of the best in current market rather then putting hands on Chinese made cheap stuff, this device is no doubt premium as it looks and feels in hands, tilt is unique. Bought one for myself and another new one for my friend we both are satisfied and love using it. just wondering how to fix this simple issue that mouth tip rubber ring is keep coming off and loosing ... so i stop using it before i completely lose it.. apart from it spot on... !!
  • Superb! - by Chris, 11 November 2016
    I've been using the Series B Tilt for a few days now and I have to say that I'm very impressed by this mod.
    I was surprised to see that it was smaller than I expected it to be...But that's a good thing!
    The ergonomics are excellent - It fits perfectly in your hand, the firing button is found naturally by my thumb and the angled tank means that one doesn't have to raise one's arm too far to use it.
    Despite the small size, it has a good weight to it and it feels well constructed with quality materials.

    I've been looking at the B for a while now...After having some trouble with one of my Series E units, I decided to pull the trigger on one of this updated B's.
    While there are a million other box mods out there, often with more (often redundant) features, the Series B is real winner.
    It has the features I need to get exactly the vape I want.
    I'm running the stock coil the tank came with (1.8) at 13.5 watts at the moment and it gives a perfect hit every time.

    I can't recommend this unit highly enough! Well done, Jac!
  • Good product for everyday use - by Ben, 11 November 2016
    I upgraded to the series B from the E series in February this year and have been extremely pleased with the results. It comes everywhere with me and is constantly being used throughout the day as I am a heavy vaper. I only have two niggles. Firstly the black coating on the side has all but come off. No real issue as this is purely cosmetic. Secondly the negative battery terminal is quite flimsy. As I use a battery a day this eventually led to it snapping off. Small bit of solder however and we were back up and running in no time.
    Pros. Small enough to comfortably live in my pocket. Excellent smooth vape. Battery last a whole day even though a heavy vaper..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Please contact customer service in regards to both issues as they are covered by our 1 year warranty, and they will replace the unit for you. The coating can scratch but it should not peel, and the negative connector should not break. We actually re-designed the new version of the device to have a harder wearing coating and a better negative connector, so it's well worth contacting CS, just send them a photo of the peeled covering. Thanks for the review.
  • Top of the range no doubt. - by Gary, 11 November 2016
    Amazing piece of kit, still finding my way around it but i am very impressed so far. Have been trying some different flavours, i only buy JAC uk make e-liquids in VG but i am trying some of the standard ones to, this mod handles everything really well, i have been using the 1.8 joc coils and they are amazing to! This is a classic case of you get what you pay for with this mod. I ummed and ahhed for ages and i am very happy now with this.................JAC Vapour Ltd: the joc coils on this can be pushed up to around 17 watts on most flavours and kick out tons of vapour. If you are looking to experiment with flavours I suggest taking a look at the picNIC range of eliquid, it's the same as the UK premium, but with tons more flavours. you juts pick your base then add the flavouring, like mixing up a cordial drik, it's very easy and reduces cost a lot. Thanks for the review.

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