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Aero Tank V2

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  • Description

    Sharing the same superb build quality as the rest of the Protank range, the updated Aero Tank V2 brings something else to the mix - adjustable airflow control. Simply twist the ring on the base of the tank to alter the amount of air passed through the tank. Now fitted with a wide bore drip tip, though narrow style drip tips are available separately below.

    SERIES-E starter kits are still supplied with a matching tank.

    Care should be taken not to over-tighten this ring; too much force can cause it to become stuck open or closed.

    The Kanger Aero Tank V2 features glueless construction, a Pyrex glass chamber and 2.5ml capacity.

    The Aero Tank V2 is fitted with bottom dual coil atomiser heads which means a smoother more consistent vape. It also benefits from an adjustable ring around the base of the tank that can be used to alter the airflow, this results in a tighter or looser draw - the choice is yours. This a hard-wearing tank that with care will last most users a long time.

    Fitted with a 510 connection the Aero Tank is suitable for use with our JAC 510 range of batteries. Replacement dual coils are available in 1.5Ohm and 1.8Ohm resistances and are compatible with the Evod 2, Kanger Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, as well as the Aero and Geni Tanks. These can be purchased here.

    This tank is not compatible with our V3i or Vgo2 range of products.

    The Aero Tank V2 is supplied with:

    • Full stainless steel and Pyrex Aero tank
    • A dual coil atomiser (1.8Ohm V2)
    • A 510 drip tip

    If using the Aero Tank V2 on an eGo battery a beauty ring is advisable in order to create a seamless look.

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Replacement Gunmetal Beauty Ring (PT 3)

Stainless Steel Narrow Bore Mouth Piece - Long

Stainless Steel Narrow Bore Mouth Piece - Short

Replacement Large Rubber O-Ring (PT 3)

Replacement 2.5ml Clear Pyrex Tube (PT, Aero, Geni Tanks)

Replacement Stainless Steel Top Cap (Aero Tank)

Replacement Stainless Steel Base (Aero Tank)

Replacement Stainless Steel Airflow Adapter (Aero V2 Tank)

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Customer Reviews for the Aero Tank V2

  • The go-to tank - by Andrew H, 17 May 2017
    This is my go-to tank of choice. I've had three of these. Just the right capacity, looks good with the stainless steel battery, and easy to refill.
    I've tried the larger tanks on the box mods, and smaller tanks and batteries, but have had problems with them leaking. Great product.
  • Reliable Everyday Vaping - by Steve, 3 April 2017
    I bought three of these (V1) 18 months ago. First I bought one to see how it went, then another two as it went well and I like to have different flavours on the go.

    I expect there are more advanced tanks on the market but for an ordinary vaper like myself this tank is fine. Using it with the Series B Tilt (brilliant) and Jac PT3 cotton coils (vibrant) this works really well with great taste. All the steam I want (I'm not a cloud chaser) and is incredibly reliable with no problems what so ever except when I dropped one of the Pyrex glass tubes and had to replace it with another, which was cheap and available.

    All in all the taste is JLAC

  • Won't disappoint - by Andy, 3 October 2016
    Excellent tank that is very versatile and a good size to hold sufficient liquid for vaping. The stainless steel build with Pyrex gives a good weight to the tank and really gives it a quality feel with no expense spared. I coupled mine with a stainless steel slim tip to reduce my liquid use and still enjoy using it regularly.
  • Really good tank - by Luke, 26 May 2016
    this tank is really good i've had some issues with a few tanks in the past but this one works every time. its easy to clean, the variable resistance is great for a heavy vape, or if you don't want that it has a light breezy setting. The best thing though, is that if you do go back to it again and again it doesn't need ages to saturate the wicks, so you rarely ever, if at all, get that horrible burnt taste. In fact i'm struggling to remember having that taste with this tank.................JAC Vapour : You should try the JOC coils with the Aero V2 it takes it to a whole new level. Thanks for the review.
  • Great tank - by paul, 17 May 2016
    I am perplexed by the number of reviews claiming problems with this tank. It is an absolute joy to use, simple to refill, no leaks, great vapour and clean taste. I give mine a good clean once every 10 days to a week and have had absolutely zero problems with it. Oh, and it looks great on a series e battery. I changed the standard 510 drip tip for a stainless rotatable tip which gives a nice tilt angle and fits in the mouth better
  • Airflow Unit Problems - by David, 13 April 2016
    As per the review Such a shame.. - by Neil, 9 July 2015 I have exactly the same airflow unit problem.
    I am not (physically) weak, but unscrewing the airflow thin disc from rest of unit, at home, without damaging the threads on each end of the unit is simply physically impossible.
    I am about to go away on business & the unit is effectively a stainless steel ornament - useless.
    And yet again, even if I was willing to buy another (which I am so not), they are out of stock. Not good enough for an otherwise high-end piece of kit................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review. To be clear the only part of the base you should unscrew is the main part to fill, the base is about 10mm thick, so not thin. If you are attempting to actually screw off the top of the base, that is not meant to happen, the thread is sealed and unscrewing (which can be done with pliers) will break the tank, as the thin base top, will be left on the tank every time you unscrew the rest of the base. New stock of the base is arriving early next week, but please contact Customer service and we'll sort out the problem and get it sorted, we have a few replacements here, just in case and we can send one if need be.
  • The best - by Kay, 2 April 2016
    This is a great tank if you are familiar with the normal problems that come with air flow. Occasionally it can become stuck where the liquid has dried but as long as it is regularly cleaned there are no issues. Great smooth vaping and coils are great.
  • Great! - by JC, 29 January 2016
  • Discontinued - by Geoff, 27 January 2016
    Purchased this item in Nov 2015, Works well and an improvement on my previous Blu Cig pro tank. Quality of the v2 1.8ohm coil is slightly suspect, with some lasting days and others a week. However, after only 2 months and numerous coils the vapour production is greatly reduced. I suspect the airflow adapter requires replacement (i've tried cleaning/washing it).

    Very disappointing to hear that this tank is now discontinued after only 2 months and will require the purchase of the new Geni tank at additional expense, which is also currently out of stock unless you buy the entire kit. .............JAC Vapour Ltd: this tank is not discontinued, it's out of stock due to high demand, there are more arriving next week. Replacing the tank will not fix your issue though, you need to contact customer service and they will explain how to maintain the tank and get it going again. If you have had lots of spills and the airflow is reduced, to clean the tank you need to soak it over night, if you can stick in a dishwasher for a few cycles, the eliquid will have dried and hardened so it needs softened up a bit then cleaned off. Once soaked for a night, put it in a container with clean water and with the lid on shake it vigorously a couple time, once clean leave to drive over night.
  • Adaptable - by Mark, 14 January 2016
    Love this tank, easy to assemble and clean, all parts are seperate and fit snug together. My favourite part is the ability to change the airlfow to get that cigerette drag resistance, or you can open the airflow wide and get a good straight to lung vape. 1st tank i ever used and still got back for that near smoking sensation.

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