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Kanger Aero Tank Mini

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  • Description

    The Aero Tank Mini features the same adjustable airflow control as its big brother, but in a much smaller package. Simply twist the ring on the base of the tank to alter the amount of air passed through the tank.

    Care should be taken not to over-tighten this ring; too much force can cause it to become stuck open or closed.

    The Kanger Aero Tank Mini features glueless construction, a Pyrex glass chamber and a 1.3ml capacity. It is compatible with Kanger's PT3 style bottom dual-coil atomiser heads, which means a smoother, more consistent vape. It also benefits from an adjustable ring around the base of the tank which can be used to alter the airflow, resulting in a tighter or looser draw - the choice is yours.

    Fitted with a 510 connection, the Aero Tank Mini is suitable for use with our JAC 510 range of batteries. Replacement dual coils are available in 1.5Ohm and 1.8Ohm resistances, and are compatible with the Kanger Evod 2, Kanger Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, as well as the Aero Tank. These can be purchased here.

    This tank is not compatible with our V3i or Vgo2 range of products.

    Aero Tank Mini supplied with:

    • Full stainless steel and Pyrex Aero Tank Mini
    • A dual coil atomiser (1.5Ohm V2)
    • 510 drip tip
    • Ego threaded for a seamless look on our JAC 510 batteries
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Customer Reviews for the Kanger Aero Tank Mini

  • Not impressed - by Matteo, 17 June 2016
    The tank is very well built... maybe too well: the airflow control valve is VERY hard to regulate and, when unscrewing the tank to refill it, it looses its setting and it is very difficult to regulate it again.
    But that is not the main issue: the problem is, I have been using the 808 series C mini tank for a while now, and it is a fantastic product. It gives an incredibly smooth vape and you can literally vape all day with no problems at all. With the aero tank things are different: yes, being able to regulate the airflow is a very nice feature, but no matter what setting, what voltage or even what liquid I use, after a few puffs, my throat starts getting uncomfortable and I feel like coughing and a very dry sensation to the back of it.
    I have been trying it for a few weeks now, and the vaping experience with this tank is not at all as nice and pleasurable as I was experiencing with the Series C Mini tank. I feel I have wasted a lot of money and effort on this and I deeply regret having gone for it.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi Matteo thank you for the review. With the series C mini tanks on a V3i battery you are working at 6 watts, whereas the twist is capable of 12 watts, nearly double the power, if you reduce the twist down to it's lowest setting it's still 30% more powerful than your current setup, add into it the fact it will produce more vapour due to airflow etc. and you'll notice a lot more throat hit from a device like the twist which may be the issue. The upside of this is you should be able to reduce your strength of nicotine down to 6mg and still be happy. I myself use 18mg on a device like the mini tank, but I'd be 12mg on something like the twist, and I actually use 3mg on the Tilt at 20 watts at the moment, if I put 18mg in my current setup I'd be coughing and spluttering all over the place. Also with the more powerful devices the VG is better suited, it's smoother and specifically designed for the bigger tanks and more power, rather than the PG dominant stuff you're used to. In the end bigger devices offer more vapour, capacity and throat hit, but it is not want everybody wants, the added flexibility does mean you should be able to find a good setting though, it just may not be the same setting or nicotine strength you are previously used to. If you want to give the twist a god with a lower strength, contact customer service and I'm sure they'll help you test a new level. Most people want, and like the extra power, but that doesn't mean it's right for you if you are happy with previous results.
  • Excellent - by Will, 16 February 2016
    Great tank, much better than the cheaper tanks, ability to control airflow is a must have for me
  • Great Tank - by antony, 2 October 2015
    It is a great tank, Im a bit confused whether I should be filling it from the top or bottom though. If I take the part with the coil off and fill it up from there (similar to the protank) I cant get much liquid in before it passes over the threshold.

    If I fill it up by taking the part you put your mouth on off, It gets very messy.
  • ohms - by Ronny, 29 September 2015
    it is important in my opinion to get the1.4 ohm (or 1.5 ohm on the box) coil - do not get 1.8 ohm coils if u r using e-series batteries 1.8 is too high and u will burn the wick if u increase the wattage - carcinogens and bad taste - jac -stop selling coils not appropriate 4 the device! it has taken u a long time 4 u 2 find this out............JAC Vapour Ltd: I am not entirely sure what you mean, the 1.5ohm coil is hotter and more likely to burn eliquid, the 1.8ohm coil will definitely not or get too hot, but all the coils are suitable for the device, it just depends on your eliquid, the voltage setting you are using and the taste you prefer, that's the beauty of variable voltage and different coil resistances, you can adjust to suit you liquid and tastes. We also provide 1.0 and 1.2 ohm coils, so, loads of options, although the 1.0 and 1.2 are more specialised. The higher ohms the lower the resistance, so I think you meaning the opposite of what you are saying, that the 1.8 ohm is not hot enough, or the 1.5 ohm is too hot, I'm not entirely sure. Either way 1.8ohm is less likely to burn liquid than the 1.5ohm coil, the 1.5ohm is too hot for most liquids if you are using a high voltage, but fine if under 4volts. If you require more info on ohms law and the relationship between the voltage and ohms, please contact support and we'll keep you right as it can get confusing for users with so many options.
  • Great Little Tank - by miketee, 6 June 2015
    Just bought this 510 Aerotank Mini and a 510 Mini Protank and would like to comment just how well they both perform ,
    I am really pleased with both types, Please could you let me know if you can supply the O rings for these as I would like to have some spare just in case I lose one, Also do the pyrex tubes fit both types.

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